Faustine (Bonfire Chronicles, #1) - Imogen Rose Well, it was interesting. I really liked the previous series of books that she wrote... and this was similar but not as good. Faustine was an interesting character, she was portrayed very young which makes sense since she was in high school. My issue with it was that even though she was a half demon princess, I still can't picture exactly what she looks like as her human self, or her demon self. I just don't feel any connection at all with her like I did with Imogen's other characters. It was not a fast read for me, even though it wasn't very long. I just didn't have the drive to finish the story as with some other books I have been reading as of late. I probably won't pick up with 2nd one in this series when it comes out, but I do give Imogen a 'A' for effort. I will keep her on my authors to watch what comes list.