Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska - I just recently finished another book by this author and I was intrigued by his writing. He adds a flair of mystery to his characters and to his stories that keep you coming back to see how it ends. Will the story continue to wind around and around or will it eventually come to an end? By the way, he does end the stories and very eloquently might I add.When trying to decide which next book to read by him (the first being Paper Towns if you are at all interested) I found an e-sampler of 4 of his novels, the first being Looking for Alaska. I was immediately hooked and purchased the book as soon as I had finished the sample. Honestly, I wasn't sure if I was ready for another one of his novels as I had read Paper Towns in 1 emotionally charged day. This novel took me a few more days than that but I have had a lot going on at work.Reading the synopsis and the teaser chapters I knew to expect the worst. I'm really not sure having just finished the book that the "worst" actually happened. Again, there was a sense of mystery that needed to be solved and I really feel like John Green was able to achieve that in this novel as well. It will be a little while before I decide to read another of his novels as I just am not emotionally stable enough to survive it without it seeping into my actual life. The one thing I do not like is that although both stories we different they were also the same. Maybe the next one I read won't be.... But as I have already explained I will hopefully not be finding that out any time soon.